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Main Practice Areas


How We Can help You and Your Business

  • Advising owner-managers on tax-efficient structuring

  • Advising owner managers on efficient business succession and other estate planning strategies

  • Structuring share ownership to maximize the availability of the capital gains exemption

  • Structuring share ownership to multiply the capital gains exemption among family members

  • Structuring corporations to maximize risk management and flexibility

  • Setting up and re-structuring professional corporations to maximize tax efficiency

  • Reorganizing and moving assets around a corporate group without incurring tax liabilities 

  • Amalgamating corporations in a tax-efficient manner

  • Splitting up corporations into two or more corporations in a tax-efficient manner

  • Establishing, maintaining and winding up family trusts in compliance with the provisions of the Income Tax Act

  • Advising accountants, lawyers and other professionals on income tax matters generally

  • Structuring share ownership to maximize the ability to pay tax/free intercorporate dividends

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Digital Services


Less Paper and Fewer Problems

All corporations are required by law to create and maintain a "Minute Book" which contains important corporate information. Monarch Tax Law is proud to offer Virtual Minute Book Services which can be securely accessed by clients and their authorized advisors 24/7 Learn more by watching our short introductory videos!

Legal Library


Giving You Access to What You Need

Sometimes you need a little extra information but you don't want to schedule an appointment. Our legal library gives you extra information on how to correctly run and maintain your corporation or trust, with some handy resolution templates thrown into the bargain!

This service is for clients of Monarch Tax Law or Viceroy Business Services only.

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