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Going to a lawyer for advice can seem daunting, especially concerning an intimidating subject such as tax. We understand that. That`s why Monarch Tax Law makes it a priority to provide you with  quality service at an affordable price. You can avoid the stress - and fees - of going to a big-name law firm and still feel confident that you received the best service for your needs.

In addition, Monarch offers virtual minute book services - allowing you 24/7 access to your corporate documents without having to worry about maintaining or losing them


"I highly recommend Monarch Tax Law. I've had several positive interactions with great results. "Tax law" can seem a little intimidating but the team at Monarch are really helpful and will work with you through the issue or project at hand"

Marisol Mandell

“Monarch Tax Law’s work was impeccable, and the service fantastic. They were very helpful in addressing my tax issues.”

Ron O'Neil

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